In the pigeon lofts (usotegi , in Basque) there are pigeons, doves and other species. They are beautiful buildings, surrounded by nature and greenery, but are not out of sight. The same can be said for Usategieta, our own little pigeon loft. Guests at the hotel-restaurant find themselves surrounded by an immense garden, which is home to various species of trees (apple, oak, and magnolia trees...), flowers and with an exquisite vegetable patch with apples, Gernika peppers, lettuces, onions…

And if the guest cares to look up, they will see the impressive Aiako Arria Natural Reserve on the skyline, and the rejuvenated Mount Jaizkibel, as well as the other elements which come together to form a unique natural landscape.

Maldaburu bidea 15, 20180 OIARTZUN (Gipuzkoa)
T. +34 943 26 05 30 / 31 - Fax +34 943 26 06 75
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